Guest Book for Steve N. Nicholas

Provided by Rossi Family Funeral Home, Inc.

Posted by: Harry Gianakis
Thu January 03, 2019
I will cherish many fond memories of Theo Stefano, especially the time we spent working together during my summer vacations.  During that time, he taught me what it meant to do an honest day’s work, and to never take shortcuts.

He was a ‘decent, gentle, simple and soft spoken man’.  During all those years in Cleveland when I got to see him, I never heard him utter one negative word about anyone.  Not one single word.  If each one of us looks at all of the people & acquaintances in our lives, how many individuals can we really say that about?  Not many, if any at all.  This was a true testimony to his character and integrity.

I’d like to share one story in particular about him.  In addition to the two of us, there were a group of painters that worked for my father’s company for quite a few years.  Everyone put in a hard day’s work, packed up and went home at the end of each day.  Seeing each other away from work was a rarity.  Then, one day, Theo Stefano stopped by my parent’s house, and told us that one of the relatively younger painters (who had fallen ill) had passed away.  As he was telling this to us, I could see him start to tear and choke up.  

This story epitomizes the kind of individual he really was; no matter the person, he was always extremely caring to everyone that had the privilege to have known him.

Posted by: Olympia Kallman & Steve Kallman
Sun January 06, 2019
Mr. Stephanos and his wife, Kyria Anastasia were the first to embrace us when we moved down the street from them.  I have considered them as well as Sophia and Michael as very close family friends.  Mr. Stephanos has been one of the sweetest spirits, the kindest soul I have ever encountered.  Words fail me to express how much I loved being with him.  I will miss his gentle voice, his generosity when it came to garden tools, his warm greeting every time I stepped into their house.  I am sending all the love I can muster to the family.  We have lost a very special person, but I trust he will always be with us.  With much love, Olympia (Lilly) and Steve Kallman.